Lee Free presents Electro_Monix:
A Sound Submersion Meditation Event. 
 Electro_Monix is a modern take on Ritual Trance Drumming and Percussion Music
intended for posture meditations, visioning, relaxation, journeying and the like.

SOUND SUBMERSIONS are unique LIVE events that submerge participants in a sonic installment designed to induce meditative trance. Using Binaural beats, Chakra activating frequencies and live drumming I guide listeners through an experience that slows brain waves
and helps activate physiological powers for waking dreaming!
Electro_Monix Live @ Lava Studio BK, NY

Each presentation of the sound submersion is different... preview the track or video below for an idea of what the experience will sound like. The visual presentation does not accompany the live event.

Listen with headphones for the best stereo experience.

THE SOUND: is assembled from the layering of live improvisations. I incorporate field recordings, invented instruments and audio effects. Some recording happens before the event. I am meditating on certain feelings, possibilities and states of being. I'm adding tone signals and panning to create a stereo field. These techniques create binaural, bilateral stimulations that have powerful effects on our brain waves.

ABOUT ME: As a freelance drummer, I toured extensively with different bands playing all kinds of music. My favorite, most rewarding part of the experience was when people would approach me after a show and communicate that there was something healing to them about the performance. It’s from this feedback loop that I created Electro_Monix. My heart is a drum. I believe that rhythm speaks to all matter. All matter is frequency and emits frequency, from the smallest particles to the celestial spheres we can communicate through sound. I have found great joy, growth and healing through drumming and great comfort by re-tuning my nervous system with intentional frequencies. My intention is to give back and help others tap into their own power to do the same.

The animation for the video above was created by Hank Hivnor. There is majesty in the simplicity of one celled animals and geometric beings, archetypes and ideas. They are dancing and evolving to the vibrations and beats, and they tell the story and they live inside it. Reoccurring images and abstract characters entice you with playful colors and patterns. Won't you join the dance and journey with us? www.hankhivnor.com

Head Phones recommended to experience the full spectrum of sound, vibrations and textures.